Our Goal

You shouldn't have to choose between fashion or function. With our experience from various outdoor companies, we have brought the best of the technologies used there, and adapted them to more urban, trendy everyday shoes!


Corporate info

Zero C Shoes - ZDC Footwear AS, Solbråveien 21 - 1383 Asker, post@zerocshoes.com

Uncompromising products

We only work with the best factories. Factories that have been approved by W.L. Gore and which work according to high international ethical standards. For us, the word "sustainability" is not just a fashion catchphrase, but simply a requirement in today's society and goes without saying. We don’t cut corners to make a cheaper product or to earn more money. Our shoes have to be top quality and be able to be worn again and again. This is reflected in everything we do, from the construction of the designs, to material selection and our choice of production location.

Working with the best

In our quest to create a top quality international brand we hand-picked the best partners from various backgrounds around the world. From super oriented qualified shoe designers in Italy, to technology partners like W.L. Gore and product developers from the best shoe milieus available. Once all of these were put together, we ended up with the best products possible. Not the cheapest, but not the most expensive either. Anyway, our philosophy is that buying good quality always pays off in the long run.