Warranty and Claims


We offer a two-year warranty against production and material defects on all of ZDC Footwear AS’s products.
In addition, all of our products which contain a GORE-TEX® membrane are covered by the “Guaranteed To Keep You Dry” GORE-TEX® guarantee.


What does the two-year warranty cover?
ZDC Footwear AS offers a two-year warranty against production and material defects. Should a product fault arise as the result of a production defect this will, where possible, be repaired or replaced. This warranty does not cover damage caused by accidents, improper use, carelessness, normal wear and tear or a natural deterioration of colours and materials after long-term use.

What does the GORE-TEX® “Guaranteed to Keep you Dry” guarantee cover?
GORE-TEX guarantees that your GORE-TEX product will stick to its promise of being waterproof. This guarantee applies to all products with a GORE-TEX Guaranteed To Keep You Dry tag. Membrane defects will normally become apparent quickly, and in such a case this claims principle will apply. However, this will not apply for leakages caused by use and wear and tear. In such cases, an individual assessment of the product’s condition and age, among other things, will therefore determine whether compensation is due. All warranty claims must be resolved with ZDC Footwear AS before they can be approved. Once a warranty claim has been approved, the product will be repaired or replaced by ZDC Footwear AS.


What should I do if I have a warranty claim?

If you bought the products on www.zerocshoes.com
If you believe that something is wrong with an item that you have received, take a picture of the defect where possible. If this is not possible, describe the product defect in detail. Send this to post@zerocshoes.com This allows us to quickly determine if further action needs to be taken.

If you bought the products in a physical store or in another webshop
Your warranty claim should be handled by the specific store or webshop. Please contact them for further information on how to proceed with your claim. 


How do I prepare the product for return to ZDC Footwear AS?
All products sent in as part of a warranty claim must be cleaned. If a product is not clean, it will be returned to the sender without being assessed. In such a case, the sender will have to pay for the costs of the return delivery.

How long does a warranty claim take?
For products with defects that fall under ZDC Footwear AS’s two-year warranty, the GORE-TEX guarantee or other complaints in accordance with the Norwegian Consumer Purchases Act, the product will be either returned or replaced within a processing time of 14 days of receipt of the product.


Items are to be sent to our head office.
We will refund your costs for returning the item to us.

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