1. Sustainability

All boots and shoes need to be taken care of and maintained. To ensure a long life of your new pair of shoes, it is a good idea to let the shoes “rest” now and then. We always recommend cleaning the exterior of the shoe with a soft brush or cloth and lukewarm water when needed.

2. Clean & Hand wash

Remove the cords and shake out the sand, gravel and dirt from the inside of the shoe. If possible, remove and shake off the sole or insole. If you would like to wash the shoes, we recommend removing the insole before washing, and then washing the shoes by hand with warm water, about 30 degrees Celsius.

3. Dry

The best, although it takes longer time, is to let the shoes dry at room temperature, and preferably use old newspaper to absorb excess moisture. Take out the insole and dry separately. Do not dry in front of the fireplace or oven because the adhesive that holds the sole in place can loosen. Feel free to use shoe dryers or put your shoes on a floor with heating cables.

4. GORE-TEX® membrane

Our shoes have a GORE-TEX® membrane to keep the foot dry and it is important that the outer materials in the upper do not suck water. If water can penetrate upper material, the shoe will become very heavy to wear, difficult to dry, lose shape, and eventually become damaged. A wet upper will also be colder at low temperatures at wintertime than a dry one.

5. Impregnation

When the water no longer beads and runs off after you clean your shoes or boots, you need to re-impregnate them. Apply impregnation spray when the shoes are dry. This is only necessary when the original surface treatment is worn off or after rough use. There are also good impregnations available for textile footwear.